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Smoked Stuffed Jalepeno Poppers

This world is full of foodies ,people who love eating and for them eating is an art and cooking is the beauty of their art and such people who are called foodies can’t eat only one thing through their entire life though others who are not so fond of eating get bored of eating one single thing for their remaining life also so for the sake of humanity we have cooks who have different styles of cooking and different recipes or I must say unique recipes, cooks must be appreciated for their efforts they are the reason behind world peace .

How? people when they get hungry and at the same time when they don’t get something lovely to eat they get irritated and when somebody gets irritated that somebody picks on some argument and keeps fighting imagine there is a meeting going on in your office and your boss missed his breakfast and because of missing his breakfast he gets a bit cranky and starts shouting at you or at your fellow mate won’t it spoil your day? Be true to yourself food is life, here we have a recipe for a great appetizer of all time “ smoked stuffed jalapeno poppers”.
Making smoked stuffed jalapeno poppers is fun, delicious and easy to make you need to take pepper and cut it into a half, you may use a spoon to scoop out the inner part of the pepper. Time to go to the grocery store and by the best bacon for your poppers you need to find the leanest box of peppered bacon, I personally love peppered bacon.

In the next step, you will need latex gloves, it’s the right time you add a whole 8 oz pack of cream ( cream cheese ), about 4 tablespoons of hot sauce and 8 oz pack of shredded Colby jack cheese btw you can use any hot sauce, any hot sauce would be great.

Please don’t do the common mistake that people do is of overstuffing the peppers, when people over stuff their peppers they get an unattractive result that is called a mess.

For the next step you would need to bring your cheese filled peppers in the front with the peppers you need to take your peppered bacon also and lots of toothpicks, wrap each of you cheese filled pepper with half layer of peppered bacon and then use toothpick to make it stay in the same position it’s similar to the way we pack gifts and use cello tape. Once you get done with the wrapping thing you need to sprinkle some black pepper on the top, set all the stuffed pepper in an aluminum tin and cover it tightly with foil and let them rest in the fridge.

It’s time you light your smoker the temperature must be 250 degrees, smoke your poppers till the time they appear to be tender to you not to light not to dark let them be perfect when you would eat your poppers you would realize that the experience is quite magical.

You can also check out this video for another delicious recipe for jalapeno poppers!


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