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Smoked Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Today we all are going to learn to make a beautiful appetizer that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients it only needs a few of them and still tastes delicious my mom once said being sober is better in a world full of people who are trying to be extraordinary this recipes reminds me of my mom’s this saying all she meant was that people who are trying to be extraordinary are common these days and people who stay sober they stand out just like this amazing appetizer recipe I swear to god you guys would love it if you guys love bacon and onions one question who in this would don’t like bacon and that too when combined with onions ?

If someone doesn’t like bacon then that person should be sent to mars or wait, are mars in trend? Never mind let’s come back to the recipe so all that we would need is.


Ingredients needed –

• Bacon

• Sweet Onions

• Pepper

• Hot sauce


That’s it, this is all you need for the smoked, beautiful, delicious, amazing appetizer, how cool is it on a scale of 10, it’s 12, isn’t it?

So the recipe goes like you need to cut the sweet, mild onions into ring of about ½ inch tall, this is the most and the only difficult part of this recipe while cutting the onions into rings you need to be careful or else the onion would actually fall apart your job is to cut them carefully so that they stay together for this recipe.

I would recommend you to use sriracha hot sauce as it is thick in nature , you need to brush the sauce on the sweet onions if basically adds flavor to the sweet onions next and the important step is to take a full slice of bacon and wrap it all around your sweet onion ring maybe you would need 3 bacon slices for some onions to make them round so don’t panic once you get done with the wrapping part you must use toothpicks to keep them tight and together.

At the time of grilling keep the degree of heat b/w 250 to 350 put your wrapped onions on the grill and let them smoke for about 90 minutes and keep changing the side occasionally turn you grill off when you be sure that your onion and bacon are as tender as they are supposed to from outside as well as from inside, cooking / smoking them is very important for the taste .

And that’s all you needed to go now you need to place them on a plate and take some mayo out of your refrigerator and eat you smoked bacon wrapped in onion rings , taste is all that matters later on , this amazing appetizer not only satisfy your taste buds but also your stomach what else does anyone in this world want this dish is all about fewer efforts and great food.

Enjoy your amazing appetizer and do write us about how your experience was till then!

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