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Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

What do people love the most in this world? Their family? Friends? Is this what came to your mind each I wasn’t talking about this I’ll tell you what people love the most is food any type of food is lovely whether it be spicy or sweet, food is food or I must say the food is bae why do we earn? To eat don’t we? And more than anything in this world people love meat whether it be mutton or chicken, pros or fish they just love meat and why won’t anyone love meat. Here I present Mediterranean grilled chicken recipe, this recipe is for meat and grilled food lovers.

Ingredients for the chicken

• Boneless, skinless chicken breasts ( 4 )
• Garlic cloves ( 8 , minced )
• Paprika ( ½ tablespoon )
• Allspice ( ½ tablespoon )
• Ground nutmeg ( ½ tablespoon )
• Ground green cardamom ( ½ tablespoon )
• Olive oil ( 5 tablespoon )
• Lemon juice ( 1 )
• Pepper A.K.A black pepper
• Salt

Ingredients for dill sauce

• Mayonnaise ( 1 cup )
• Garlic ( 1 clove minced )
• Dill ( chopped )
• Olive oil ( 1 tablespoon )
• Lemon ( ½)
• Black pepper
• Sea salt


Take a bowl , I would prefer to take a small bowl , in the small bowl combine allspice, paprika , nutmeg , cardamom, garlic , lemon juice now mix all this with a spoon after mixing rub chicken breasts with the spice mixture that you just made , don’t be in a hurry spend some time coating the chicken breasts with the spice mixture after coating it’s time for marinating the chicken in the refrigerator for 2 to 12 hrs that all for the chicken right now let’s let the breasts marinate till the time chicken breasts marinate let’s work on the dill sauce, take another bowl and just mix all the ingredients required for the dill sauce and after mixing refrigerate it time for the actual fun take your grill out and your dusting cloth to it is important to clean before cooking once you get done with the cleaning part you need to pre-heat the grill at medium- high heat after pre-heating your grill it’s time to grill the chicken breasts for 10-12 minutes don’t forget to change the side occasionally once done with the grilling part you can proudly serve your Mediterranean grilled chicken with the amazing dill sauce that you made.

Do remember in life whatever you make with love would definitely taste good and if you are a good cook and you don’t put your love into it it’s of no use ya it would definitely taste good but would of no use so never ever forget to add the magic ingredient let me ask you ask what is that magic ingredient? The magic ingredient is love, keep cooking keep spreading and keep reading till then ADIOS READERS

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