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Electric Smoker troubleshooting

The electric smoker is an eco- friendly unit which is used to smoke food in the presence of electricity; it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. We found the best way to troubleshoot was to buy the best one possible, for reviews check cooking is not only considered to be interesting, but it also gives delicious food to eat and enjoy with everyone. Outdoor cooking becomes much easier with the introduction of an electric smoker in the market it cooks food without any extra efforts as they are easy to use and works well as these units are reliable and it saves time and money as well as it is not harmful to the atmosphere.

Ways to deal with common problems of an electric smoker:

  1. If an electric smoker does not start:

Check the power plug of an electric smoker if it is inserted correctly in the outlet. One has to make sure that all the connections of the unit are tightly plucked in.

  1. If the electric smoker is jammed or not burning properly:

There should be a case when some wooden chips may be trapped in the electric smoker, this will not allow the electric smoker to burn properly. One has to make sure to clean the electric smoker after using it so that no wooden chips are left in the smoker which helps the smoker to work properly. While cleaning the smoker one has to properly check to make sure that there is no presence of its biggest enemy i.e. rust, if it is found then scraping it with a good quality spatula or sandpaper is a good option.

Electric Smoker troubleshooting

Electric Smoker troubleshooting

  1. If the electric smoker is not smoking food properly:

One should provide enough time to allow the electric smoker to heat.  Preheating is a very important process because it allows smoking food in a proper way. Normal preheating temperature is 200-250 degrees; the temperature does not rise above this at the constant level. When the smoker is opened for putting the food inside, one should wait for some time to get the temperature back to get the peak heat. The smoker should be placed at a place where there is less wind flowing to have a constant temperature. Most of the time there is a complaint of unevenly cooked food in the electric smoker, this largely depends upon the amount of food inserted into the electric smoker, if the electric smoker is overburdened then obviously the food will not be properly cooked.


  • There is a need to unplug the power cord after every use and allow the electric smoker to cool down.
  • When the electric smoker unit is placed outdoors, it must be covered properly or if it is possible then it can be kept inside. This increases the lifespan of the electric smoker and allows it to function properly.
  • The electric smoker should not be submerged into water.
  • Apply cooking oil to the electric smoker as it helps in removing any residue left on it and it also helps in increasing the lifespan of the smoker. The electric smoker needs oiling every six months, but if it is used frequently then oiling should be done every three months.
  • One should not cover the trays and racks with aluminum oil.
  • A wet clean cloth should be used for the proper functioning of the electric smoker.
  • The electric smoker unit should be kept away from children.
  • Nowadays, various different kinds of electric smokers are available in the market, and each one of them comes with different instructions for operating it and for its proper maintenance, so one should properly read the instruction manual and follow the steps accordingly.


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