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Charcoal Grill: Why Does Weber Lead the Market?

Weber is somewhat like tinker bell, it has all the magic it’s just expensive and I don’t see spending on something which is the best, I love Weber because it actually sells what it says and never cheats. Weber provides the best raw material to their workers and always keep a check on what is required and what is not, don’t worry weber values your money more than you. It’s just that it uses world’s best material for all your best buyers.

Weber is basically leading the market not only because they keep a check on what their customers are complaining about but because they actually look into the matter and find a solution to it and the solution be long term and not short term. weber is a brand since 40 years and in 40 years the company once received some complaints regarding their grills and not from one person but from 15 to 20 of their buyers were unhappy with the steel that they used because it was basically not holding heat properly so Weber did find a short-term solution to it in fact what it did was for the sake of long-term , company basically changed the entire iron and that’s how a company keeps leading.


Do you know the problem with other companies? If not I will let you know it, because it’s simple they simply don’t look into the matter, like if 10 people are complaining they are complaining about only their product and sometimes anyone can make faulty products. The don’t look into the matter the way weber does. If any company keeps such an attitude they can never lead, to lead you to need to be better than yourself, you need to keep improving ever minute ever second. It’s that simple.

For example, let me give you an imaginary child who is sick and when you take him to the doctor the doctor doesn’t listen to you and says oh don’t worry he’ll be fine and takes his fee and what about your child? See the point here? The company and the doctor need to do something about the complaints. Listing is a good thing, if you listen and work upon it, you win in life. Simple.

Another thing came to my mind just now, tell me when you participate in any competition what do you keep in mind? Do you wish to win or to enjoy? Who are all your competitors? Weber competes with itself and not with other brands. You need to be better than you were yesterday if you one day wish to lead the entire market. Wish to be a leader? Fair enough just do better than you did yesterday.

If I would ask you to go out in the neighborhood would you? For what? For a small survey. No, you don’t need pen or paper you just need to go out and ask 10 of your neighbors if they are using weber’s grill, I’m sure you would find at least 3 of them saying yes and that’s what weber magic is all about.

Weber is different the way this company treats its buyers are amazing and the material they use is expensive as well as durable apart from these 2 points I have a 3rd one, well weber is creative in terms of selling.

You wish to lead? Be better, no not better than your fellow competitor but from yourself and that’s what weber is about. weber has won the trust of its customers over 40 years and today the hard work is paying off.

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