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Balsamic Garlic Grilled Mushrooms

Every year I hear people talking about how delicious grilled meat is I often question myself that is meat really that great? Like is there nothing for the vegetarians but this question like every other question of my life was answered by my lovely mother, Mother’s are great they have all the solutions my mom questioned me that why am I letting meat take all the spotlight she asked me not to forget that I have a lot of veggies and one of my favorite veggies is mushroom she asked me to give it a thought then I thought why not?

Why is there a problem in trying to all I did was I went straight to the grocery store purchased everything I needed. got back home, grabbed my dusting cloth and cleaned my grill I purchased it during last year’s summer and then picked up my apron to try something new and wait I’m no Godmother , the Godmother was the recipe book that I used yes I did some steps here and there but still if I m writing this recipe for you guys today then it’s because of my mom who gave me the idea and because of the recipe book it’s time we take the crown of appreciation from the meat and give it to the mushrooms.

Lesson one that you need to learn here is smoking brings a deliciously different flavor to your dish and one more mushroom are great but they turn legendary when grilled, from today you will start calling mushrooms as a tasty appetizer.

All the ingredients needed for balsamic garlic grilled mushrooms are-

• Mushrooms (2 pounds)
• Balsamic vinegar (2 tablespoons )
• Soy sauce (1tablespoon)
• Garlic ( 3 cloves )
• Thyme ( ½ teaspoon)
• Salt ( as per taste )
• Pepper ( as per taste )


Let’s start cooking go step by step, first of all, you need to do marinate mushrooms in the mixture for at least 30 minutes after 30 minutes take the mushrooms out skewer them and then simply grill them over medium-high heat, grill till they become tender and a bit charred don’t forget to keep changing the side occasionally .

Don’t give me that confused look this is all you have to do, it is easy isn’t it? Like it or not? This recipe is for lazy foodies, who are lazy foodies? They are the people who love eating but are hell lazy to do anything so now the lazy foodies can wear their favorite pair of smiles as the two things that they love the most is in front of them. What do they love the most?

Anybody can guess the answer, The answer to this question is very simple and if you don’t know then let me answer it for you, the answer is 1- tasty food and 2 – less time taking food and as our lazy foodies are getting both the things at one place they are supposed to be happy enjoy your mushrooms and wait for the next upload till then ADIOS .

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