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Electric Smoker troubleshooting

The electric smoker is an eco- friendly unit which is used to smoke food in the presence of electricity; it can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. We found the best way to troubleshoot was to buy the best one possible, for reviews check cooking is not only considered to be interesting, but it also gives delicious food to eat and enjoy with everyone. Outdoor cooking becomes much easier with the introduction of an electric smoker in the market it cooks food without any extra efforts as they are easy to use and works well as these units are reliable and it saves time and money as well as it is not harmful to the atmosphere.

Ways to deal with common problems of an electric smoker:

  1. If an electric smoker does not start:

Check the power plug of an electric smoker if it is inserted correctly in the outlet. One has to make sure that all the connections of the unit are tightly plucked in.

  1. If the electric smoker is jammed or not burning properly:

There should be a case when some wooden chips may be trapped in the electric smoker, this will not allow the electric smoker to burn properly. One has to make sure to clean the electric smoker after using it so that no wooden chips are left in the smoker which helps the smoker to work properly. While cleaning the smoker one has to properly check to make sure that there is no presence of its biggest enemy i.e. rust, if it is found then scraping it with a good quality spatula or sandpaper is a good option.

  1. If the electric smoker is not smoking food properly:

One should provide enough time to allow the electric smoker to heat.  Preheating is a very important process because it allows smoking food in a proper way. Normal preheating temperature is 200-250 degrees; the temperature does not rise above this at the constant level. When the smoker is opened for putting the food inside, one should wait for some time to get the temperature back to get the peak heat. The smoker should be placed at a place where there is less wind flowing to have a constant temperature. Most of the time there is a complaint of unevenly cooked food in the electric smoker, this largely depends upon the amount of food inserted into the electric smoker, if the electric smoker is overburdened then obviously the food will not be properly cooked.


  • There is a need to unplug the power cord after every use and allow the electric smoker to cool down.
  • When the electric smoker unit is placed outdoors, it must be covered properly or if it is possible then it can be kept inside. This increases the lifespan of the electric smoker and allows it to function properly.
  • The electric smoker should not be submerged into water.
  • Apply cooking oil to the electric smoker as it helps in removing any residue left on it and it also helps in increasing the lifespan of the smoker. The electric smoker needs oiling every six months, but if it is used frequently then oiling should be done every three months.
  • One should not cover the trays and racks with aluminum oil.
  • A wet clean cloth should be used for the proper functioning of the electric smoker.
  • The electric smoker unit should be kept away from children.
  • Nowadays, various different kinds of electric smokers are available in the market, and each one of them comes with different instructions for operating it and for its proper maintenance, so one should properly read the instruction manual and follow the steps accordingly.


Balsamic Garlic Grilled Mushrooms

Every year I hear people talking about how delicious grilled meat is I often question myself that is meat really that great? Like is there nothing for the vegetarians but this question like every other question of my life was answered by my lovely mother, Mother’s are great they have all the solutions my mom questioned me that why am I letting meat take all the spotlight she asked me not to forget that I have a lot of veggies and one of my favorite veggies is mushroom she asked me to give it a thought then I thought why not?

Why is there a problem in trying to all I did was I went straight to the grocery store purchased everything I needed. got back home, grabbed my dusting cloth and cleaned my grill I purchased it during last year’s summer and then picked up my apron to try something new and wait I’m no Godmother , the Godmother was the recipe book that I used yes I did some steps here and there but still if I m writing this recipe for you guys today then it’s because of my mom who gave me the idea and because of the recipe book it’s time we take the crown of appreciation from the meat and give it to the mushrooms.

Lesson one that you need to learn here is smoking brings a deliciously different flavor to your dish and one more mushroom are great but they turn legendary when grilled, from today you will start calling mushrooms as a tasty appetizer.

All the ingredients needed for balsamic garlic grilled mushrooms are-

• Mushrooms (2 pounds)
• Balsamic vinegar (2 tablespoons )
• Soy sauce (1tablespoon)
• Garlic ( 3 cloves )
• Thyme ( ½ teaspoon)
• Salt ( as per taste )
• Pepper ( as per taste )


Let’s start cooking go step by step, first of all, you need to do marinate mushrooms in the mixture for at least 30 minutes after 30 minutes take the mushrooms out skewer them and then simply grill them over medium-high heat, grill till they become tender and a bit charred don’t forget to keep changing the side occasionally .

Don’t give me that confused look this is all you have to do, it is easy isn’t it? Like it or not? This recipe is for lazy foodies, who are lazy foodies? They are the people who love eating but are hell lazy to do anything so now the lazy foodies can wear their favorite pair of smiles as the two things that they love the most is in front of them. What do they love the most?

Anybody can guess the answer, The answer to this question is very simple and if you don’t know then let me answer it for you, the answer is 1- tasty food and 2 – less time taking food and as our lazy foodies are getting both the things at one place they are supposed to be happy enjoy your mushrooms and wait for the next upload till then ADIOS .

BBQ Bruschetta Recipe

Some people love cooking because they see cooking as their passion some wish to take their cooking skills to the level where they can make it their career some love eating and hate cooking because what they think is that cooking is difficult whereas it is not but maybe it is for them so we can’t simply judge but we can help them in reducing their dislike towards cooking, how?

It’s simple by teaching them how to make something delicious without using much of their time and of course skills. Let me teach all the people who dislike cooking a recipe which is not difficult, which doesn’t take much of the time and which tastes amazing BBQ Bruschetta recipe. All the ingredients required are mentioned below with the approx amount of quantity and step by step directions as well.


Ingredients –

1. Vinegar (1 ½ teaspoon)
2. Olive oil (1 tablespoon)
3. Basil leaves (small in size, 1/3 cup)
4. Caper (drained, 1 tablespoon)
5. Salt (1/4 teaspoon)
6. Cherry tomatoes (halved, 3 cups)
7. Italian bread (8 slices)
8. Garlic (2 cloves)


1. Preheat your barbecue.
2. Take a bowl, medium size.
3. Add vinegar, salt, basil, and capers.
4. Add cherry tomatoes and stir well.
5. Grill bread slices turn occasionally it would only take 1-2 minutes
6. Put it on a plate
7. Rub one side of the toast with garlic
8. Put tomato mixture on one side of the toast.

Bbq Bruschetta is seen as one of the best snacks or is best to serve in an outdoor party, it’s easy to make, it doesn’t take much time and even makes your famous, how? Simple when you serve anything delicious in a party people start loving you even more and I m very much sure about it.

Are you new in the neighborhood? If yes and if you wish to make new friends go straight to your backyard and make BBQ B and then knock on any door in your neighborhood, people not only would love you they would love your cooking skills as well. Food is the best way to make friends through and if its grilled I don’t think so I need to say anything about it.

Is your best friend organizing a party and you wish to help but you are bad a cooking? Don’t worry just go to your backyard and turn your grill on and start grilling you don’t have to worry it’s very simple it’s just a mixture of some ingredients and which is placed on top of a toast. Your best friend will start loving you even more just appear on her door with a big bowl full of the mixture and with a bag full of grilled toasts.

That’s all with the toasting and the mixture, that’s all with the occasions you can make it and by the way, you can make it for yourself also whenever you feel a little hungry you can make it for yourself and pamper yourself with it and I think nobody needs a reason to eat.…

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

What do people love the most in this world? Their family? Friends? Is this what came to your mind each I wasn’t talking about this I’ll tell you what people love the most is food any type of food is lovely whether it be spicy or sweet, food is food or I must say the food is bae why do we earn? To eat don’t we? And more than anything in this world people love meat whether it be mutton or chicken, pros or fish they just love meat and why won’t anyone love meat. Here I present Mediterranean grilled chicken recipe, this recipe is for meat and grilled food lovers.

Ingredients for the chicken

• Boneless, skinless chicken breasts ( 4 )
• Garlic cloves ( 8 , minced )
• Paprika ( ½ tablespoon )
• Allspice ( ½ tablespoon )
• Ground nutmeg ( ½ tablespoon )
• Ground green cardamom ( ½ tablespoon )
• Olive oil ( 5 tablespoon )
• Lemon juice ( 1 )
• Pepper A.K.A black pepper
• Salt

Ingredients for dill sauce

• Mayonnaise ( 1 cup )
• Garlic ( 1 clove minced )
• Dill ( chopped )
• Olive oil ( 1 tablespoon )
• Lemon ( ½)
• Black pepper
• Sea salt


Take a bowl , I would prefer to take a small bowl , in the small bowl combine allspice, paprika , nutmeg , cardamom, garlic , lemon juice now mix all this with a spoon after mixing rub chicken breasts with the spice mixture that you just made , don’t be in a hurry spend some time coating the chicken breasts with the spice mixture after coating it’s time for marinating the chicken in the refrigerator for 2 to 12 hrs that all for the chicken right now let’s let the breasts marinate till the time chicken breasts marinate let’s work on the dill sauce, take another bowl and just mix all the ingredients required for the dill sauce and after mixing refrigerate it time for the actual fun take your grill out and your dusting cloth to it is important to clean before cooking once you get done with the cleaning part you need to pre-heat the grill at medium- high heat after pre-heating your grill it’s time to grill the chicken breasts for 10-12 minutes don’t forget to change the side occasionally once done with the grilling part you can proudly serve your Mediterranean grilled chicken with the amazing dill sauce that you made.

Do remember in life whatever you make with love would definitely taste good and if you are a good cook and you don’t put your love into it it’s of no use ya it would definitely taste good but would of no use so never ever forget to add the magic ingredient let me ask you ask what is that magic ingredient? The magic ingredient is love, keep cooking keep spreading and keep reading till then ADIOS READERS

BBQ Cola Chicken Skewers – RECIPE

Food is my priority, I seriously love food and when it comes to BBQ you can literally see a smile on my face and food is the only thing that I smile for and that I smile at so I think you now know how much I love food .can we marry food? If we can’t why can’t we, food never ever breaks your heart whereas food is the magic which fixes all the broken hearts, don’t trust me?

Cool get your heart broken once and then look at all the amazing food available in the market or may be available in your refrigerator you would feel as if the food is calling you to give you a hug. I know all this because I recently got my heart broken, my brother ate my entire ice cream but then I saw that I have all the ingredients required for kabobs. Which kabobs am I talking about? I’m talking about coca-cola BBQ chicken kabobs. Want to know how they are made? If yes then just check out the ingredient list given below, see if you don’t have anything at home then go to the market and buy what so ever is missing come back and read all the instructions that I have mentioned below.

Ingredients for the coca-cola BBQ sauce-

1. Olive oil (2 tablespoons)
2. Diced jalapeno (01)
3. Garlic (03, minced cloves)
4. Ketchup (3 cups)
5. Chicken broth (¼ cup)
6. Orange juice (1/2 cup)
7. Coca-cola(1/4 cup)
8. Brown sugar(1/2cup)
9. Molasses (1/2 cup)
10. Liquid smoke (1 tablespoon)
11. Sea salt (1/2 teaspoon)
12. Paprika (1 teaspoon)

Ingredients for chicken kabobs-

1. Skinless breasts, 3 pounds
2. Salt
3. Pepper
4. Bamboo skewers

Directions for coca – cola BBQ sauce –

1. Take a medium size pan and place it over medium-low heat.
2. Pour some olive oil in the pan.
3. When you feel that the oil is properly cooked add minced garlic and jalapenos and cook them properly.
4. To check if the jalapeno and garlic are cooked properly note the color of the garlic it must be of light brown color.
5. Turn the stove off and add ketchup, orange juice, coca – cola and chicken broth in the pan.
6. Stir well
7. After a while add liquid smoke, paprika, salt and brown sugar.
8. Again stir it and leave it to get cool.

Directions for the kabobs-

1. Cut breasts into 2 big pieces.
2. Once sliced, thread the sliced breast pieces onto the skewers.
3. Preheat your grill over medium heat.
4. Grill your chicken for about 10 to 15 minutes.
5. Brush your self-made coca – cola BBQ sauce all over the chicken, make sure you do it properly.
6. Once ready to serve, put extra coca – cola BBQ sauce and some fries on the plate.

That’s all with the kabobs and with the red pepper sauce, I hope you enjoy the recipe and do make fries because fries help in enhancing the recipe. To all the food lovers coca-cola BBQ chicken kabobs, eat as much as you can and share your self-made if you wish and I think there is no harm in sharing.…

Best Labor Day BBQ Recipe

Whenever I get bored I feel like eating but then being in labor I can and I can’t at the same time, labor is all about eating whether the food be spicy or sweet you don’t feel like there is any problem if you gain weight because people call you cute and not fat but the only thing is we need to see if what we are eating is healthy, to all the beautiful ladies in the world who are going through the labor phase I have one of the best BBQ recipes for you and I’m sure nobody would say a no to it and at last you have the best reason in the world to eat, the reason is “you are eating for two people” how cool is it?


Today we are together going to make Carolina’s ribs, pork spareribs are used in and to complete the dish we would need to make a rub and red pepper sauce as well. Let’s get started all the ingredients required are mentioned below.

Ingredients for the rub-

1. Pork spareribs (3 pounds)
2. Salt (2 tablespoons)
3. Sugar(2 tablespoons)
4. Brown sugar (2 tablespoons)
5. Cumin (2 tablespoons)
6. Chili powder (2 tablespoons)
7. Black pepper (1 tablespoon)
8. Cayenne pepper (1 tablespoon)
9. Paprika (1/4 cup)

Ingredients for red pepper sauce-

10. Tomato sauce (1 can)
11. Sugar (3/4 cup)
12. Water (3/4 cup)
13. Tabasco hot sauce (5 to 6 ounces)
14. Pepper flakes (1 teaspoon)
15. Cayenne (1 teaspoon)
16. Lemon juice (3 tablespoons)

Instructions –

1. You need to prepare your ribs, for preparing you would need to remove the membrane and for removing it you may use a blunt knife.
2. If you see any loose meat, remove it too.
3. Prepare your smoker
4. Hold the temperature of the smoker at 225 degrees for about 4 hours.
5. Take a large bowl and mix salt, pepper, brown sugar, sugar, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper and paprika in it.
6. Season your ribs with the rub that you prepared.
7. Take an iron stiller and put it on your smoker and then cook your ribs in it.
8. Prepare your homemade bbq sauce, mix all the ingredients required for the sauce in your medium-size saucepan and cook the sauce on low heat for about 10 minutes.
9. Once cooked remove the pan from the heat and pour all the sauce in a glass bowl and let the sauce rest.
10. Cook ribs till their temperature reaches around 180 to 185 degree.
11. Once properly cooked brush your ribs with the sauce prepared after about 10 minutes turn your ribs and brush with sauce again while cooking it.
12. Serve with red pepper sauce.

I hope you loved the recipe, do share it with your friends and with other ladies who are in labor and who crave spicy food. Craving is great you crave for spicy food for one second and all of a sudden you start craving for sweet and the best thing about being in labor is you get what you want, everyone around you keeps pampering you and who hates getting pampered? I don’t, I seriously don’t and I know even you don’t hate it. Nobody hates pampering.…

Smoked Stuffed Jalepeno Poppers

This world is full of foodies ,people who love eating and for them eating is an art and cooking is the beauty of their art and such people who are called foodies can’t eat only one thing through their entire life though others who are not so fond of eating get bored of eating one single thing for their remaining life also so for the sake of humanity we have cooks who have different styles of cooking and different recipes or I must say unique recipes, cooks must be appreciated for their efforts they are the reason behind world peace .

How? people when they get hungry and at the same time when they don’t get something lovely to eat they get irritated and when somebody gets irritated that somebody picks on some argument and keeps fighting imagine there is a meeting going on in your office and your boss missed his breakfast and because of missing his breakfast he gets a bit cranky and starts shouting at you or at your fellow mate won’t it spoil your day? Be true to yourself food is life, here we have a recipe for a great appetizer of all time “ smoked stuffed jalapeno poppers”.
Making smoked stuffed jalapeno poppers is fun, delicious and easy to make you need to take pepper and cut it into a half, you may use a spoon to scoop out the inner part of the pepper. Time to go to the grocery store and by the best bacon for your poppers you need to find the leanest box of peppered bacon, I personally love peppered bacon.

In the next step, you will need latex gloves, it’s the right time you add a whole 8 oz pack of cream ( cream cheese ), about 4 tablespoons of hot sauce and 8 oz pack of shredded Colby jack cheese btw you can use any hot sauce, any hot sauce would be great.

Please don’t do the common mistake that people do is of overstuffing the peppers, when people over stuff their peppers they get an unattractive result that is called a mess.

For the next step you would need to bring your cheese filled peppers in the front with the peppers you need to take your peppered bacon also and lots of toothpicks, wrap each of you cheese filled pepper with half layer of peppered bacon and then use toothpick to make it stay in the same position it’s similar to the way we pack gifts and use cello tape. Once you get done with the wrapping thing you need to sprinkle some black pepper on the top, set all the stuffed pepper in an aluminum tin and cover it tightly with foil and let them rest in the fridge.

It’s time you light your smoker the temperature must be 250 degrees, smoke your poppers till the time they appear to be tender to you not to light not to dark let them be perfect when you would eat your poppers you would realize that the experience is quite magical.

You can also check out this video for another delicious recipe for jalapeno poppers!


Propane Accessories You Must Have


1. You would need a pair of tongs so the next time when you go to supermarket for shopping for your pretty grill don’t look for light tongs, in fact, look for heavy-duty tongs which must at least be 16 inches long, must be safe to use in the dishwasher, make sure the metal is sturdy and anyone must feel comfortable when they hold them in their hand.

2. The second thing that you must have if you have a grill is a Grill brush when you buy a grill brush make sure it has stainless and solid steel bristles and make sure that the handle is long enough.

3. third comes to Spatula –when you buy spatula keep some characteristics in your mind like it must be solid by solid I’m talking about the material which must be solid, heavy-gauge metal and thin as well as rigid blade and the ideal size for the blade would be about 4 inches wide. Don’t forget to look for a bent the total size of the spatula must be 16 inches.

4. You must have a Timer – the best timers have a loud alarm, large digits, and flexibility and by flexibility what I simply mean is that it must be able to count straight away up from zero and must have belt clips.

5. Instant-read thermometer- when it comes to an instant-read thermometer, you get two choices you can either buy an inexpensive thermometer which basically comes with a dial face or a bit more expensive one which comes with a digital face. Basically, the sensor would be very close to the tip and what would it help with? Simple as the sensor be close to the tip, you can easily pinpoint the area of the food you wish to measure, you just have to make a smart choice.

6. Barbecue mitts, barbecue mitts really need to be of good quality and must have really good workmanship.

7. Chimney starter, when you buy a chimney starter your life becomes easier, chimney starters have very simple designs which basically allow you to evenly light charcoals and that too faster. When you go for shopping look for a one which has 2 solid handles, heatproof side and the other hinged top handle which is for the support and the most important it must have the capacity to at least hold 80 to 100 pieces of briquettes.

Have to have a list-

1. Basting brush, you should go for the one which has silicone bristles and the one which is dishwasher safe.

2. Metal or bamboo skewers, see if you go for bamboo skewers you would be able to use them only with kabobs and you will also have to soak them if you go for flat metal ones you would actually be able to hold the food better in place.

3. Perforated grill pan, when you go for buying perforated grill pan get the one with enough space and thick metal, the holes must be wide enough to allow smoke and heat to reach the food directly, make sure the rim is low.

4. Cast-iron skillet, if you have cast-iron skillet then you are amazing as it doesn’t get discolor or deteriorate you can simply bake, pan –roast, stew or even sauté. When you buy one go for the one with at least 10 inches in diameter. If you have it you are amazing as it is amazing and if you don’t have it just go and buy one then be amazing.

5. Sheet pans, with sheet pans, comes to a checklist, the surface of the pan must be portable for oiling and even for seasoning the food. And when it comes to landing pads they must be convenient.

6. The two in one – Rib rack and roast holder, yes now you can buy two in one. You heard me right now on one side you would have a rib rack and if you flip on the other side you would have a roast holder.

That’s all with the must-have and good to have list.…

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

Today we all are going to learn to make a beautiful appetizer that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients it only needs a few of them and still tastes delicious my mom once said being sober is better in a world full of people who are trying to be extraordinary this recipes reminds me of my mom’s this saying all she meant was that people who are trying to be extraordinary are common these days and people who stay sober they stand out just like this amazing appetizer recipe I swear to god you guys would love it if you guys love bacon and onions one question who in this would don’t like bacon and that too when combined with onions ?

If someone doesn’t like bacon then that person should be sent to mars or wait, are mars in trend? Never mind let’s come back to the recipe so all that we would need is.


Ingredients needed –

• Bacon

• Sweet Onions

• Pepper

• Hot sauce


That’s it, this is all you need for the smoked, beautiful, delicious, amazing appetizer, how cool is it on a scale of 10, it’s 12, isn’t it?

So the recipe goes like you need to cut the sweet, mild onions into ring of about ½ inch tall, this is the most and the only difficult part of this recipe while cutting the onions into rings you need to be careful or else the onion would actually fall apart your job is to cut them carefully so that they stay together for this recipe.

I would recommend you to use sriracha hot sauce as it is thick in nature , you need to brush the sauce on the sweet onions if basically adds flavor to the sweet onions next and the important step is to take a full slice of bacon and wrap it all around your sweet onion ring maybe you would need 3 bacon slices for some onions to make them round so don’t panic once you get done with the wrapping part you must use toothpicks to keep them tight and together.

At the time of grilling keep the degree of heat b/w 250 to 350 put your wrapped onions on the grill and let them smoke for about 90 minutes and keep changing the side occasionally turn you grill off when you be sure that your onion and bacon are as tender as they are supposed to from outside as well as from inside, cooking / smoking them is very important for the taste .

And that’s all you needed to go now you need to place them on a plate and take some mayo out of your refrigerator and eat you smoked bacon wrapped in onion rings , taste is all that matters later on , this amazing appetizer not only satisfy your taste buds but also your stomach what else does anyone in this world want this dish is all about fewer efforts and great food.

Enjoy your amazing appetizer and do write us about how your experience was till then!…

Charcoal Grill: Why Does Weber Lead the Market?

Weber is somewhat like tinker bell, it has all the magic it’s just expensive and I don’t see spending on something which is the best, I love Weber because it actually sells what it says and never cheats. Weber provides the best raw material to their workers and always keep a check on what is required and what is not, don’t worry weber values your money more than you. It’s just that it uses world’s best material for all your best buyers.

Weber is basically leading the market not only because they keep a check on what their customers are complaining about but because they actually look into the matter and find a solution to it and the solution be long term and not short term. weber is a brand since 40 years and in 40 years the company once received some complaints regarding their grills and not from one person but from 15 to 20 of their buyers were unhappy with the steel that they used because it was basically not holding heat properly so Weber did find a short-term solution to it in fact what it did was for the sake of long-term , company basically changed the entire iron and that’s how a company keeps leading.


Do you know the problem with other companies? If not I will let you know it, because it’s simple they simply don’t look into the matter, like if 10 people are complaining they are complaining about only their product and sometimes anyone can make faulty products. The don’t look into the matter the way weber does. If any company keeps such an attitude they can never lead, to lead you to need to be better than yourself, you need to keep improving ever minute ever second. It’s that simple.

For example, let me give you an imaginary child who is sick and when you take him to the doctor the doctor doesn’t listen to you and says oh don’t worry he’ll be fine and takes his fee and what about your child? See the point here? The company and the doctor need to do something about the complaints. Listing is a good thing, if you listen and work upon it, you win in life. Simple.

Another thing came to my mind just now, tell me when you participate in any competition what do you keep in mind? Do you wish to win or to enjoy? Who are all your competitors? Weber competes with itself and not with other brands. You need to be better than you were yesterday if you one day wish to lead the entire market. Wish to be a leader? Fair enough just do better than you did yesterday.

If I would ask you to go out in the neighborhood would you? For what? For a small survey. No, you don’t need pen or paper you just need to go out and ask 10 of your neighbors if they are using weber’s grill, I’m sure you would find at least 3 of them saying yes and that’s what weber magic is all about.

Weber is different the way this company treats its buyers are amazing and the material they use is expensive as well as durable apart from these 2 points I have a 3rd one, well weber is creative in terms of selling.

You wish to lead? Be better, no not better than your fellow competitor but from yourself and that’s what weber is about. weber has won the trust of its customers over 40 years and today the hard work is paying off.…

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